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In Foundations we’re going to get prepared for success and get started with an intro to marketing. Don’t skip this module as it provides the foundation we will build on as we move through each of future modules.

Prepare for Success

  • Organize your physical and digital workspaces so you are more productive 
  • Get clarity around your priorities in life and business so you can focus on what matters most to you
  • Create a daily and weekly routines that will set you up for success
  • Get access to my recommended list of tools and reading

Intro to Marketing

  • Get a clear understand of exactly what marketing is ​and how it has changed
  • Audit how effective your business is currently in each of the four phases of marketing  

Strategy: Goal Setting

In this module we’re going define what success looks like for you, set goals and begin the important task of mindset mastery. Download the workbook and watch the videos below to get started.

  • Get crystal clear on your vision so you can intentionally design your future
  • Set SMART goals so you can focus on the results you really want and overcome *shiny object syndrome*
  • Align your true potential with your beliefs and overcome doubt, worry, and limiting beliefs so you can take massive action

Strategy: Target Audience

Target Audience is all about gaining dream client clarity. With a clear understanding of your target audience you will find that it becomes more effortless to attract and serve the clients that you dream of working with.

  • Identify the characteristics and behaviors of your swoon-worthy dream clients
  • Create a target audience persona to help you envision your ideal clients
  • Conduct target audience research to gain clarity around the pain points and desires of your target audience
  • Learn all about the buyer's journey so you can align your marketing to reach them when they're ready

Strategy: Identity

In Identity you will work to define your business identity, including positioning and branding. Clarity around your identity will allow you to communicate your values and what sets you apart through a compelling brand.

  • Decide on + document the values that are at the very core of everything you do in your business
  • Clarify what you want to be known for and create key messaging around what sets you apart
  • Define your brand attributes and the feelings or messages you want your brand to evoke
  • Create a mood board to inspire the visual elements of your brand

Strategy: Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan will build on what everyone has completed so far and help you create a blueprint for the next 90 days in your business.

  • Learn the framework to evaluate all the things you could do so you can select the strategies and tactics that will be most effective
  • Map out your custom 90-day strategic plan so you have a blueprint to follow with the clear.next.steps. you need to take
  • Create an implementation calendar so you can stay on track

Visibility: Online Presence

Online Presence is all about optimizing your online presence. We’ll cover best practices for your website and dive into some social media training as well.

  • Learn essential website best practices so you can optimize your site effectively
  • Discover the right social media networks for YOUR business
  • Social Media best practices for Facebook & Instagram

Visibility: Content Marketing

In Content Marketing we’re going to cover content marketing. Content is an essential part of all marketing, but this refers specifically to content that is so truly relevant and useful to your prospective clients that they love it and want more!

  • Find out how to create compelling content that will attract your dream clients
  • Get the exact steps I use to map out my monthly content
  • How-to guides and best practices for Facebook Lives, Blog Posts, and more

Visibility: Relationship + Community Building

Relationship + Community Building is all about launching, nurturing and leveraging a community. We’ll review how to build relationships and communities online.

  • Learn the importance of showing up authentically- and how to create genuine relationships online
  • Build and grow an engaged Facebook Group overflowing with dream clients.
  • Find out how to nurture your email list so they can't wait to see you pop into their inbox

Visibility: Traffic Generation

In Traffic Generation we’ll cover how to turn on a steady flow of traffic using various online marketing strategies so that you get highly-targeted traffic back to your website and landing pages.

  • Discover how to turn on a steady flow of traffic using the most effective online marketing strategies
  • Learn how to get highly-targeted traffic back to your website and landing pages
  • Get step-by-step guides for both organic and paid marketing strategies including: content marketing, search engine marketing, Facebook advertising, and more

Lead Generation: List Building

In List Building you’ll master the most effective list building strategies so you can grow your list fast.

  • Understand why list building is essential for growing your business
  • Master the most effective list-building strategies so you can grow your list fast
  • Create a lead magnet that your dream clients can't resist

Lead Generation: Landing Pages

In Landing Pages you’ll uncover the secrets to creating a high-converting landing page (that brings you business!)

  • See real-life examples of landing pages - the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Uncover the secrets to creating a high-converting landing page (that brings you business!)
  • Learn about the elements of a persuasive landing page and the best practices for each

Lead Generation: Challenges

In Challenges you’ll learn the steps to run a successful challenge and map out your challenge strategy.

  • Find out the exact steps to run a challenge... from start to finish!
  • Map out your challenge strategy so you can grow your list and engage your community
  • Leverage the momentum of a free challenge to launch and promote your offers

Lead Generation: Webinars

In Webinars you’ll master the art of holding webinars to generate leads and turn them into raving fans + clients.

  • Master the art of holding webinars to generate leads and turn them into ravingfans
  • Demonstrate your authority and become *the* go-to thought leader in your niche
  • Get done-for-you strategy and content templates​

Sales: Offers + Packaging

In Offers + Packaging you'll learn how to package and price your offers so that they appeal to your dream clients and make you stand out.

  • Map out your offers, while learning how to package + price them so that they appeal to your dream clients... no matter where they are in their buyer's journey
  • Outline the benefits of your offer and learn how to promote + present in a way that makes you stand out
  • Intentionally design your offers so they lead seamlessly into one another

Sales: Sales Mastery

In Sales Mastery you'll master your sales mindset, process, and conversation so you feel confident and in control.

  • Master your sales process and conversations so you feel confident and in control
  • Learn how to sell by being authentic + real, and stepping into your zone of genius
  • Become a PRO at handling all of the most common sales objections

Sales: Sales ​Funnels

​In Sales Funnels you’ll get step-by-step training on how to create a sales funnel that will bring in consistent leads and sales.

  • Get step-by-step training on how to create a sales funnel <<---- YES, you can conquer a funnel!
  • Learn about sales funnels and all of the essential elements needed to get.it.done!
  • Get *swipeable* sales funnel strategies to bring in consistent leads and sales
  • Get a sales page template that outlines the exact content you need to boost your sales conversion rate

Sales: ​Measure + Optimize

​​In Measure + Optimize you’ll learn what key metrics to track in order to make informed business decisions and understand how to use those metrics to optimize your future marketing.

  • Learn what key metrics to track in order to make informed business decisions
  • Understand how to use the metrics you have to optimize your future marketing
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